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To Shoot or Not to Shoot

I shoot arrows, mess around in the garden, feed the birds and walk the hills.

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By Myself and Then Some
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A Green and Pleasant Land: How England’s Gardeners Fought the Second World War
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By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept
Elizabeth Smart

Crow Lake

Crow Lake - Mary Lawson Terrific - couldn't put it down. It has that rich, deep quality that stems from a writer's childhood memories. And the story-telling is tight and structured and the characters compelling, the place is vivid. There is also a real feeling of hope for the future, a sense of Canada moving forward, of roads, environment, family relationships, all improving by fits and starts. I'll bet modern Canada is more complicated than that, but I'm happy to inhabit Crow Lake for a bit and I shall definitely look forward to another book.