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I shoot arrows, mess around in the garden, feed the birds and walk the hills.

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By Myself and Then Some
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A Green and Pleasant Land: How England’s Gardeners Fought the Second World War
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By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept
Elizabeth Smart

Use of Weapons

Use of Weapons - Iain M. Banks Extraordinary that I have read the book before and enjoy it so much but remembered nothing from the first reading. I cannot complain because it allowed me to appreciate fully the twist in the tail for a second time. Brilliantly constructed with a narrative thread woven with pieces of the past life of the soldier hero (wonder if you read this one Graham?). In a way it was constructed like an early opera with the plot interrupted by solos and group singing by the main characters used to further discovery of the psychology and emotional complexities of those characters (did you intend that Iain?).