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I shoot arrows, mess around in the garden, feed the birds and walk the hills.

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By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept
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Player of Games (The Culture)

The Player of Games  - Iain M. Banks Third time I read this book. The odd thing about Iain M Banks books is how I remember very little about the story line or characters - which allows me to re-read the books almost as if it were the first time - and get the same enjoyment from it. I do find he gets a bit obsessive - sometimes about space battles, sometimes messaging between minds, and in this case about playing games - but while I do speed read over those bits it does not detract from my enjoyment at all... and I don't award 4 stars lightly! The memory thing is odd because I remember his Iain Banks books very well (although I do have to speed read through the torture bits).