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Boneland (Tales of Alderley, #3)

Boneland (Tales of Alderley, #3) - Alan Garner Excellent finish for the Weirdstone and the Moon. When I heard it was being published I re-read the Weirdstone of Brisingamen which was always one of my favorite books as a child. I did not re-read the Moon of Gomrath which had always come very much a second to the Weirdstone, and on finishing Boneland I had to re-read it immediately. I am astonished at my lack of insight. In my memories it was always Colin I identified with and thought of as the mover and shaker of the pair - but while the author's perspective is from Colin's point of view in fact it is Susan at the centre of the action. I won't pretend to have pieced a coherent narrative together for this last book, but I'm happy to have the emotional coherence.