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Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life

Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life - Alison Weir What a roller coaster! This a great biography. I still have to mull over the list of sources, but it is wonderful to be able to outline this extraordinary life from 900 years ago. They were murdering thieving bastards and we must never forget that their descendants are still exploiting us today. However that aside I am in awe of the energy and intelligence exhibited over such a long life. And amazed at such a well connected world - not just the rich people moving around, but evidence of news and information being passed between Castille and Jerusalem, Ireland and Sicily, Austria and Britanny. The population increasing at a great rate despite all the sfforts of their rulers! At the end of the book is a tantalising view of Eleanor granting charters to towns in Aquitane giving them independence from feudal ties to local lords - so as France annexes the lands that we will eventually see as part of France, a more profound change in the balances of power is obviously happening.