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I shoot arrows, mess around in the garden, feed the birds and walk the hills.

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By Myself and Then Some
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A Green and Pleasant Land: How England’s Gardeners Fought the Second World War
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By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept
Elizabeth Smart

Guernica: A Novel

Guernica - Dave Boling Nice book, but everyone in the book was just too nice to ring true. More than half of the book is spent wallowing in a perfect small group of families in an idealised small-town community. When the bombs arrived I wanted to scream 'nasty two-timing horrid people don't deserve to get torn apart either'. Well written, and well meaning. I think the first half was probably set up to provide contrast with war and make it more shocking when it came, but for me the first half made me want to get the second half over quick - having wallowed in sentiment I didn't want to wallow in blood and pain. Perhaps a book for those who do not yet know anything much about the Spanish Civil war.