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I shoot arrows, mess around in the garden, feed the birds and walk the hills.

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The Free Fishers

The Free Fishers - John Buchan Proper adventure book with British government in peril, beautiful rich women in peril and a lot of good eggs dashing around. Set before the railways (about the first decade of the 1800s)so most of the dashing around is done by coach. Wonderful technical descriptions of the transport - lots of different types of coaches/carriages and horses. Several crashes and near misses :-

"By God sir," Robin gasped. "That's the nicest bit of coachmanship I ever seen." "Simple enough," said Sir Turnour coolly, "if you keep your head and know the meaning of proper harnessing. I couldn't have done that if the pole chain hadn't been the right length - and the wheelers properly curbed up."

A bit 'Top Gear' with horses, but the real delight is the the Scottish vernacular and all the tearing around. I still like 'John Burnett of Barnes' best. But this rates 3 and a half stars.